Weha Trilogy 3 Step Diamond Polishing Pad

For Black, Brown, Gray Engineered Stone. Excellent on light ES, Quartz, Granite, Marble. Weha Exclusive Geo Pattern Design

The Weha Trilogy polishing pads are made using the Weha exclusive Geometric Water Displacement Technology Pattern design.
This Geo Pattern design allows water to flow across and through the pad more efficiently, keeping the pad from hydroplaning and allowing it to “bite” into the stone. This means the pad achieves a polish faster than conventional brick pattern polishing pads.

The Geo Pattern design also eliminates the segments coming off on the outer edges of the pad. Polish inside bowls, ogee edges, tight inside corners of rectangle sinks and you will not have to worry about the pad coming apart on the edges.

Weha Trilogy 3 Step Diamond polishing pads are the absolute best polishing pads specifically for Black, Brown, Gray, Engineered Stone, Quartz stone.
But they are equally as good on black absolute, Baltic Brown, Uba Tuba, and other dark granite’s and marbles.
Additionally, they work amazing on light colored engineered stone, quartz, granite, marble, as well with zero bleeding.

Absolutely perfect for Silestone, Caesarstone, Zodiaq, Santa Marhergita,and all other Quartz Surfaces.

So many fabricators are using 5 step or 7 step pads to match the polish on these dark quartz materials.

Now with the Weha Trilogy, 3 pads and THATS IT! Not 3 steps and buff. Not 3 steps and 1 more. 3 steps and put it on the truck.