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  • Color-Matched Filler: Each syringe is filled with a specially formulated filler that matches a wide range of stone colors, ensuring repairs blend seamlessly with the surrounding surface.
  • Easy Application: The syringe design allows for precise control and accurate application of the filler, making it simple to repair even the smallest chips and scratches.
  • Durable Results: Once applied and cured, the filler provides a long-lasting, durable repair that withstands daily wear and tear.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for use on granite, marble, quartz, and other natural and engineered stone surfaces.
  • Professional Finish: Achieve professional-grade repairs with minimal effort, restoring the appearance and integrity of your stone surfaces.

How to Use

  1. Clean the Area: Ensure the damaged area is clean and dry before application.
  2. Apply the Filler: Use the syringe to carefully apply the color-matched filler to the damaged area.
  3. Smooth and Cure: Smooth the filler with a plastic spatula and allow it to cure as per the product instructions.
  4. Polish (if needed): For a perfect finish, polish the repaired area to match the surrounding surface.


  • Ideal for repairing chips, scratches, and small cracks in kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and other stone surfaces.
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial use, providing a cost-effective solution for maintaining the beauty of stone installations.

Fillachip Color Syringes are the perfect solution for repairing chips, scratches, and other imperfections in stone surfaces. These easy-to-use syringes allow for precise application of color-matched filler, ensuring seamless and invisible repairs on a variety of surfaces.

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