Tenax Polyester Resin Stone Glue – Transparent (Flowing)


  • Fast Cure Time: The 17 KG (5 Gallon) Transparent Polyester Adhesive cures in about 15-20 minutes with a workable time of 8-10 minutes, providing enough time for application and finishing without wasting time.
  • Smooth Consistency: The creamy texture of the adhesive makes it easy to work with, especially when adding color and hardener.
  • Great Color Options: Tenax uses pure polyester resin, creating a light and transparent glue that can be easily tinted to match the stone’s color. Vibrant white and buff colors are also available.
  • Easy to Color: The adhesive takes color well, making it easy to tint and achieve a perfect match with the stone.
  • Polishes to High Gloss: The adhesive polishes just like the stone it is used on, ensuring uniformity in the finish when working on seams, filling cracks, repairing chips, or doing laminations.
  • Extremely Strong Bond: Tenax, using premium resin raw materials, has produced one of the strongest polyester bonds in the stone industry, providing fabricators with confidence in its reliability.
  • Durable for Years: After installation, the polyester adhesive proves to be extremely durable, standing strong against water, oils, chemicals, and other elements for years to come.
  • Proven Track Record: With over 50 years of experience, Tenax has a successful track record in producing high-quality polyester adhesive glues for granite and stone.
  • More Glue per Can: Tenax 1 Liter cans offer 10%-25% more glue compared to competitors, providing fabricators with additional value.
  • Great for Rodding: Tenax Polyester Adhesive is one of the best choices for rodding granite, marble, and other types of stone, allowing for an extremely strong bond to strengthen countertops for transport and installation.


“Tenax Transparent Polyester Adhesive is a premium glue for granite and stone. The 17 KG (5 Gallon) version is fast-curing (15-20 minutes) with a workable time of 8-10 minutes. Its smooth consistency and great color make it easy to work with, and it’s easy to tint to match stone colors. The adhesive polishes like stone, ensuring a uniform finish, and creates an extremely strong bond. It is durable against water, oils, and chemicals, lasting for years. With a track record of over 50 years, Tenax provides 10%-25% more glue per can compared to competitors. It’s also excellent for rodding stone, strengthening countertops for transport and installation.”

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 15 in

Liter, Gallon, 5 Gal Pail


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