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GRABO PRO – Lifter 20 2023 Version


Product Features:

  • GRABO Pro Portable Electric Vacuum Lifter:
    • Features a digital pressure gauge for precise monitoring and control during operation.
  • Auto Switch Functionality:
    • Ensures the suction pump activates and deactivates automatically, maintaining a constant vacuum for reliable performance.
  • Impressive Pumping Capacity:
    • Boasts a pumping capacity of 20 liters per minute, delivering substantial lifting capacity for various applications.
  • Battery and Charger:
    • Includes one rechargeable battery and a battery charger with international adapters for versatile use.
  • Rugged Nylon Carrying Bag:
    • Provides a durable and convenient carrying solution, enhancing portability and protection for the GRABO Pro.
  • English Manual and Colorful Display Box:
    • Comes with a comprehensive English manual for user guidance, packaged in a colorful display box for a complete and visually appealing kit.

GRABO PRO – Lifter 20

The Portable Electric Vacuum Lifter is a versatile and powerful tool designed for effortless lifting with precision. This innovative lifter is equipped with a digital pressure gauge conveniently located on the handle, allowing for easy monitoring and quick adjustments. The automatic pressure switch is a standout feature, ensuring a consistent vacuum for efficient and reliable operation. Powered by rechargeable batteries, this vacuum lifter boasts an impressive lifting capacity of 375 lbs (170 kg), making it an ideal solution for a range of lifting applications. Whether you’re in the workshop or on the job site, the Portable Electric Vacuum Lifter combines convenience with robust performance to meet your lifting needs.

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