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Grabo RockSeal™


  1. Universal Compatibility: RockSeal™ is engineered to seamlessly fit all GRABO models, ensuring that no matter which unit you own, you can experience its incredible benefits.
  2. Specialized for Rough Surfaces: Unlike traditional seals, RockSeal™ is purpose-built for the most challenging terrains. It’s designed to conquer extremely rough stone and rock surfaces with up to 10 mm of surface profile, providing an unbeatable grip.
  3. Patented Innovation: This groundbreaking seal system is protected by a patent, ensuring that you’re investing in a unique and cutting-edge solution that can’t be found elsewhere.
  4. Enhanced Safety: With RockSeal™, you can confidently tackle demanding stone and rock lifting tasks. Its superior grip means less slippage, reducing the risk of accidents and damage.
  5. Easy Installation: Installing RockSeal™ is quick and hassle-free. It’s designed for user-friendly attachment to your GRABO unit, saving you time and effort.

RockSeal™ is a new seal system that fits all GRABO models, including Nemo GRABO, GRABO Pro lifter-20, RTC tools GRABO, FXAH-120 Probst GRABO, Topspin Powertools GRABO and other co-branded units.

This patented seal is designed specifically for extremely rough stone & rock surfaces with up to 10 mm surface profile
The seal will be available soon with all partner distributors and retailers.

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