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  • Eliminates dust and workplace hazards
  • NEW radius edge design replicates the most common shape for silicon carbide wheels using a dresser handle
  • 30/50 grit are aggressive enough for rapid stock removal with minimal effort
  • 100/200 grit work great for clean up on seams or miters. They also perform very well on ultra compact materials
  •  10 mm radius allows usage for tight sink radius work
  • New rubber body eliminates vibration


  • Construction: Ideal for cutting through hard stones and materials, making it a valuable asset on any construction site.
  • Stone Fabrication: Perfect for stone fabricators who require precise and efficient cutting tools for their projects.
  • Renovation: A reliable tool for renovation projects that involve cutting and shaping hard materials.
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Unleash Unmatched Cutting Power

Eliminate dust…with the ROCKBUSTER resin cup wheel! Diamax has finally created a tool that can get rid of silicon carbide grinding wheels.  Experience the pinnacle of cutting efficiency with the Cyclone S Rock Buster by Diamax Inc. Engineered for precision and durability, this powerful tool is designed to tackle the toughest materials with ease.   Choosing the Cyclone S Rock Buster means investing in a tool that combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional performance and durability. Trust Diamax Inc. to provide you with the best tools to get the job done right, every time.

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