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Product Features:

  • 6.5mm (.255″) segment height
  • Turbo rim contour blade
  • Contoured core for making radius cuts and cutting sink openings
  • Turbo style rim for fastest cutting
  • Undercutting segments to prevent binding while cutting
  • Soft bond for cutting natural stone and concrete


  • All Natural Stone, Engineered Stone

The ZENESIS™ 5″ Contour Blade is engineered for precision and efficiency in cutting natural and engineered stone. Its 6.5mm (.255″) segment height and turbo rim contour blade design enable fast and clean radius cuts, including sink openings. The contoured core minimizes binding while the turbo style rim ensures swift cutting. The blade’s soft bond is perfect for natural stone and concrete, while the undercutting segments enhance durability and performance. Ideal for applications involving all natural stone and engineered stone, this blade offers exceptional reliability and performance.


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