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Key Features: ZENESIS™ II BRIDGE SAW BLADE – Elevating Stone Fabrication

  • Cutting-Edge Innovation: The ZENESIS™ II blade revolutionizes stone fabrication with cutting-edge technology, ensuring straight and efficient cuts that significantly enhance productivity.
  • Impressive Segment Height: Boasting a 25mm (.984”) segment height, this blade provides substantial material engagement, resulting in precise cuts and extended blade life.
  • Optimized Feed Rate: With a recommended feed rate ranging from 10 to 17 feet per minute, the ZENESIS™ II blade achieves the perfect balance between speed and precision, ensuring optimal performance in various cutting scenarios.


  • Granite: The ZENESIS™ II excels in cutting granite, delivering superior results for a variety of granite fabrication projects.
  • Engineered Stone: Specifically designed for engineered stone, this blade ensures efficient and clean cuts, making it an ideal choice for working with engineered stone materials.

Experience a new era in stone fabrication with the ZENESIS™ II bridge saw blade. Redefining industry standards, this blade sets a benchmark for cutting speed and blade longevity, optimizing efficiency and reducing stress on your bridge saw. Upgrade your stone fabrication toolkit with the ZENESIS™ II bridge saw blade. Elevate your cutting experience with unmatched speed, precision, and longevity, setting new standards in the industry.

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