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Key Features:

  • High-Quality Granite Blade for Bridge or Table Saws
  • Fast, Chip-Free Cutting
  • Superior Cost Performance with Reduced Noise Levels
  • Uniquely Designed Core Is Made of Two Hardened Steel Sheets with A Thin Copper Sheet Laminated Between Them
  • Best Bridge Saw Blades On The Market
  • Three Bond Types To Choose From
  • Equipped with A 60mm Arbor and Comes with A 50mm Adapter
  • Free Re-Tipping Service for Life of The Blade
  • Helpful Hints
  • Speed Chart

Alpha Professional Tools® recognizes the demand for high-quality granite blades for bridge or table saws and proudly introduces the Alpha® Silencer III for Granite to the market. This technologically advanced blade delivers exceptional precision and cost-efficiency while significantly reducing noise levels.

The Alpha® Silencer III features a unique core design, comprising two hardened steel sheets with a thin copper sheet laminated between them. This innovative construction effectively dissipates the typically high noise associated with this application. Suitable for a range of shop sizes, granite fabricators will appreciate the cutting prowess of this blade and the time it saves.

Equipped with a 60mm arbor, the Alpha® Silencer III accommodates common sizes, with adapters available for reducing the arbor size. It offers three distinct bond types to cater to different granite types, making it a versatile choice for fabricators. Whether you work with hard or soft granites, the Alpha® Silencer III is the ideal companion for your granite fabrication needs.


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