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Product Features: ALPHA HOT-ROD 3″ X 1/4″ 

  • Perfect for Channel Cutting with Wet/Dry Stone Cutter:
    • Well-suited for channel cutting in stone fabrication.
    • Versatility in usage with both wet and dry stone cutters.
  • Great for Grout Removal with Ecocutter:
    • Effective in grout removal when paired with an Ecocutter.
    • Demonstrates adaptability to different tools and tasks in stone cutting.
  • Fabricator’s Choice for Rodding on Granite:
    • Preferred by fabricators for rodding on granite.
    • Well-matched for reinforcing stone slabs with metal rods.
  • Reliable Proven Performer:
    • Emphasizes the tool’s reliability and proven performance.
    • Instills confidence in users for consistent, satisfactory results.
  • Can Be Used Wet or Dry:
    • Adaptable to various working conditions, including wet and dry settings.
    • Enhances overall utility for professionals in stone cutting and fabrication.

Alpha® developed a revolutionary way to improve the efficiency of fabricators. For years, slab fabricators have employed labor-intensive procedures for creating channels in the underside of countertops to accommodate stainless steel reinforcing rods at sink and cooktop cutouts. Alpha® recognized the opportunity for improvement and developed the Alpha® Hot-Rod. With this blade attached to the Alpha® AWS-110 or AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter, a fabricator can accomplish the task in one easy pass.The Hot-Rod for Granite blades were created with diamond grits and matrix best suited for all categories of granite, including hard red granites, to assure a long cutting life. With a 3” diameter, the blade allows for easy use and better leverage when cutting 1/4” deep channels, by allowing for better positioning of the stone cutter’s handle. This blade is now available in three thicknesses: 1/4” for standard rods, 1/8” for thinner rods and 3/8” for threaded rods. The Hot-Rod for Marble applies the same technology but is designed for softer stones such as marble. This blade is available in 1/4” for standard and 1/8” for thinner rods.For efficient creation of channels for reinforcing rods, attach this unique blade to our AWS-110 or AWS-125 for a smooth, dust-free operation. Used in this manner, productivity will increase significantly. Although Alpha® recommends wet cutting, these blades may be used wet or dry.

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