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Key Features:

  1. Doesn’t Drip:
    • A true knife grade that remains in place without dripping, ensuring precision in seams, edges, and chip repairs.
  2. Fast Cure Time:
    • Cures in 12-15 minutes, with a 4-5 minute workable time, balancing efficiency and flexibility for optimal application.
  3. Smooth Consistency:
    • Creamy texture makes Tixo EX easy to work with, especially when adding color and hardener.
  4. Great Transparent Color:
    • Crafted with the purest polyester resin, Tixo EX appears light in color in the can and becomes clear and transparent when applied.
  5. Easy to Color:
    • Light color facilitates easy tinting for seamless color matching to the stone.
  6. Polishes to a High Gloss:
    • Polishes like the stone, crucial for seamless finishes in seams, cracks, chips, and laminations.
  7. Extremely Strong Bond:
    • Utilizes premium resin raw materials for one of the strongest polyester bonds in the stone industry.
  8. Durable for Years:
    • Offers long-lasting durability against water, oils, chemicals, ensuring strength comparable to the stone itself.
  9. Produced for Over 50 Years:
    • Tenax’s 50+ years of production history attests to its global reputation for quality, consistency, and durability.
  10. 10%-25% More Glue in the Can:
  • Tenax provides 10%-25% more glue per can compared to competitors, offering superior value for fabricators.

Experience the epitome of quality with our Premium White Color 100% Silicone. This versatile adhesive sealant is meticulously crafted to meet the highest industry standards, including ASTM C920, S, NS, Class 50, NT use, M, G, A, O, ASTM E84 (4559) FSI: 0 / SDI: 20, and AAMA 802, 803, and 805. Its neutral cure formulation makes it suitable for bonding plastics and metals, providing exceptional adhesion to doors, windows, curtain wall assemblies, cold rooms, clean rooms, laboratories, ventilation systems, mirrors, and transportation roofs. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it boasts excellent UV resistance, ensuring lasting durability. The non-corrosive, low VOC formula aligns with environmental considerations, and with multiple formats available, this silicone adhesive adapts seamlessly to various project requirements. For detailed information and guidance, consult our Technical Data Sheets (TDS) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Elevate your sealing and bonding projects with confidence and precision.


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