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  • Step 0 Pad: The most aggressive pad, designed for rapid material removal, eliminating deep scratches and heavy pitting.
  • #1 Pad: Sands the stone, removing saw marks and light pitting, equivalent to 50 to 200 grit.
  • #2 Pad: Hones the material, eliminating swirl marks and preparing the stone for polishing, doing the work of 200 to 800 grit.
  • #3 Pad: Delivers a high gloss polish, equivalent to 800 to 3000 grit, resulting in a stunning, mirror-like shine.
  • Time-Saving: Provides a flawless factory finish in half the time compared to traditional 7-step pads.
  • Compatibility: Fits most standard polishing machines for easy integration into your workflow.
  • Professional-Grade Results: Achieve optimal results with minimal effort, increasing your productivity and profitability



ZENESIS™ 3‐STEP POLISHING PADS are revolutionizing the way you polish stone, saving you both time and money. These innovative pads provide a flawless, factory-quality finish in half the time compared to traditional 7‐step polishing pads. Each pad is meticulously engineered to perform specific tasks efficiently, ensuring optimal results with minimal effort.

The process begins with the Step 0 pad, the most aggressive pad in the series. It is designed for rapid material removal, tackling the toughest surfaces with ease and setting the stage for a smooth finish. This pad is essential for quickly eliminating deep scratches and heavy pitting, significantly reducing the time spent on the initial grinding phase.

The #1 pad follows, designed to sand the stone and effectively remove saw marks and light pitting. It performs the work typically associated with 50 to 200 grit pads, ensuring a smooth and even surface. This initial step lays the foundation for a high-quality finish, making subsequent polishing steps more effective.

The #2 pad hones the material, meticulously eliminating any swirl marks left from the sanding process. It prepares the stone for the final polish by performing the work of 200 to 800 grit pads. This crucial step ensures that the surface is perfectly smooth and ready for a high-gloss finish.

The #3 pad delivers an exceptional high gloss polish, providing the finishing touch that sets your work apart. It accomplishes the work of 800 to 3000 grit pads, resulting in a stunning, mirror-like shine that enhances the natural beauty of the stone.

ZENESIS™ 3‐STEP POLISHING PADS are compatible with most standard polishing machines, making them easy to integrate into your existing workflow. With these pads, you can achieve professional-grade results in a fraction of the time, allowing you to complete more projects and increase your profitability. Experience the ZENESIS™ difference and elevate your stone polishing to the next level.

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