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  • Versatile Usage: The Dry Magic Hex Head Core Bits are designed for both wet and dry applications, providing flexibility in various drilling conditions.
  • Wide RPM Range: With a broad operational range of 700-6,000 rpm, these core bits offer adaptability to different drilling speeds, ensuring optimal performance in diverse scenarios.
  • Advanced Technology: Weha’s patented Vacuum Brazed II technology sets these core bits apart, enabling faster drilling and extended lifespan compared to other vacuum brazed alternatives.
  • Dual Functionality: The Weha Dry Magic dry diamond core bits are suitable for use in both wet and dry environments, offering convenience and efficiency across different job requirements.
  • Clean, Chip-Free Holes: The Dry Magic core drill bits excel in leaving clean, chip-free holes in ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble, and various types of stone. Say goodbye to chips and blowouts around the drilling area.
  • Non-Core Drill Option: The Dry Magic Hex Head Non-Core Bit is specifically designed to drill holes without leaving a core. This feature is invaluable when precision is key, such as when setting anchors, clips, screws, etc., using polyesters and epoxy glues. Ideal for applications where drilling through the material is not necessary.

The Dry Magic Hex Head Core Bits can be used wet or dry and can be run from 700-6,000 rpm.

Weha’s patented Vacuum Brazed II technology allows the diamonds to drill faster and last longer than other vacuum brazed core bits.

Weha Dry magic dry diamond core bits can all be used wet

The Dry magic core drill bits will leave ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble, and all stone with a clean, chip free hole without any chips or blowouts around the hole.

The Dry Magic Hex Head Non Core Bit will drill a hole without leaving a core. This is really important when only drilling into the material without going all the way through. This is great for setting anchors, clips, screws, etc with polyesters and epoxy glues.


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