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Product: Diamond Chamfer Core Drill Bit 50mm (2″)

Product Features: 

  • Premium Diamond Construction: Utilizes high-quality diamonds embedded within the bit for superior strength and prolonged durability, ensuring consistent cutting performance even in the toughest materials.
  • Chamfer Cone-Shaped Design:  The cone-shaped 50mm size of this core bit allows for efficient drilling of holes, providing precision and stability during the drilling process, reducing vibrations and enhancing accuracy.
  • Versatile Application:  Ideal for use on hard materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, stone, and masonry, making it a versatile tool suitable for various construction and renovation projects.
  • Enhanced Heat Dissipation:  Engineered with special cooling features to manage heat build-up, promoting longer bit life and sustained performance during prolonged use.
  • Compatibility:  Designed to fit most standard drilling machines, ensuring compatibility and ease of use for professionals across different job sites and applications.


  • Construction and Renovation:  Perfect for drilling holes in porcelain or ceramic tile, granite, quartz & marble, concrete during construction and renovation projects, allowing for precise installation of pipes, cables, and other fixtures.
  • Masonry Work:  Suitable for drilling holes in bricks, stones, and other masonry materials, enabling efficient installation of anchors, bolts, and fasteners in various masonry applications.
  • Infrastructure Development:  Essential for infrastructure development projects involving drilling tasks, facilitating accurate and clean hole cutting in hard materials for utility installations and repairs.



Unveil the epitome of precision and durability with our 50mm (2″) Diamond Chamfer Core Bit. Crafted to excel in tough materials, this high-performance drill bit ensures accuracy and stability during drilling operations. Engineered with premium-grade diamonds, it effortlessly cuts through concrete, masonry, and more, delivering consistent and reliable results. Its Chamfer Cone-shaped design guarantees efficiency, reducing vibrations while enhancing precision. Versatile and compatible with various drilling machines, this tool is perfect for construction, renovation, and DIY projects. Elevate your drilling experience and achieve impeccable results with our Diamond Chamfer Core Bit, designed to exceed expectations and simplify the toughest drilling tasks.


Note: Always ensure proper safety measures, including using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), when operating drilling machinery and tools. Please note that specific product details, compatibility, and uses might vary based on manufacturer specifications or intended applications. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for optimal performance and safety.

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