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Weha TileQuake


Introducing the TileQuake Vibrating Suction Cup Tile Leveling Tool, a versatile and efficient solution gaining popularity for seamless installation of large-format tiles. This portable, rechargeable, and lightweight tool, weighing just 9 lbs, offers enhanced tile installation efficiency for both indoor and outdoor projects, accommodating various tile sizes, materials, and types with its flexible design. With 6 adjustable vibration levels and compatibility with ceramic tiles ranging from 12 to 71 inches, the TileQuake makes leveling wall and floor tiles a breeze in any installation environment.

  • 21V Lithium Battery
  • Vibration frequency: 23000 r/min
  • Suitable range of material: 30-180cm (12″-70″)

SKU: 150670

Introducing the TileQuake Vibrating Suction Cup Tile Leveling Tool: An increasingly popular choice for efficiently installing large-format tiles. Elevate, position, and align your tiles effortlessly with this versatile vibrating suction cup tile leveling tool.

The Tile Quake is the latest addition to our lineup of tile installation power tools, designed to enhance efficiency, flexibility, adaptability, and convenience in tile installation projects. This vibrating tile leveling tool is not only compatible with a variety of tile sizes but is also rechargeable, weighing in at a mere 9 lbs for maximum portability.

Achieve Efficient Tile Leveling Indoors and Outdoors
Experience seamless operation with various tile sizes using this powerful tile leveling tool. The Tile Quake is engineered for both indoor and outdoor tile installation tasks, suitable for wall tiles and floor tiles.

Unmatched Flexibility with the TileQuake Vibration Suction Cup
The Tile Quake vibrating tile leveling tool boasts exceptional flexibility, catering to multiple tile sizes, materials, and types. Whether you’re leveling wall tiles or smaller floor tiles in diverse installation environments, including outdoor settings, this tool’s versatile features shine. It’s particularly well-suited for ceramic tiles spanning from 12 to 71 inches (30 to 180.34 cm).

Unparalleled Convenience
The Tile Quake portable tile leveling tool offers unmatched convenience for both wall and floor tiles. Powered by a 21V rechargeable lithium battery, you’re not confined to a power source. Weighing a mere 9 pounds, it’s highly portable. Plus, with its user-friendly vibration adjustment featuring 6 frequency levels, it’s compatible with a wide range of tile sizes. Whether indoors or outdoors, this portable tile leveling machine streamlines tile installation tasks.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6 in

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