Tenax Titanium Vinyl Ester Extra Clear Knife Grade is the latest generation of vinyl ester glue formulas.
Titanium Extra Clear is virtually completely clear in film during application
Tenax Titanium is extremely strong with excellent adhesion with a very fast cure time of about 15 minutes.

Tenax used the latest raw resin materials to make Titanium very low yellowing in outdoor or UV applications.
Titanium cures shiny and is very easily polished.
Titanium takes color very well. Just a drop goes a very long way for easier color matching.

Titanium is a drip-less formula glue. So it will stay on the edge and not on the floor.

Titanium in the can looks very very light in color and when spreading it becomes almost invisible. This characteristic makes working with light and white colored materials much easier.

With a gel time of 4-5 minutes and a full cure in about 15 minutes, the Tenax Titanium will keep the production pieces moving through the shop.

Tenax Titanium is made to work with:
Marble- especially white colored materials
Granite- all granites
Quartz- all quartz materials, especially the white
Ceramic and Porcelain- from the thinnest to the thickest materials, the bond is extremely strong

Instructions for use:

Make sure the surface to be treated is dry, clean and free of dust. If coloring, add the coloring paste to the resin before mixing it with the catalyst. An excess of coloring paste may affect the final product so use caution. Mixing ratio resin to catalyst is 100:2/3 (see chart below). Stir vigorously and apply. Do not place unused product back in the can. Make sure can is sealed tightly after use.

25°C = 77°F


Keep away from heat, humidity and sun. Product will last at least 10 months if kept between 68°F – 77°F.

Technical Information 

  • Mixing Ratio: 100+1/2
    Gel time at 77°: 3-4 min
    Tacky free time at 77°: Approx 15 min
    Working time at 77°: 25-30 min
    Temp. range for use after hardening: 32°-230°


The information in the following table of data is also available in a printable Portable Document Format (PDF) file. This file can be downloaded or printed by clicking the button at the bottom of the table.

Technical Data
Viscosity cps 25°C 20 r.p.m.(ASTM D2196) Tixotropic paste
Density at 25°C gr/cm 3 1.1
Aspect Transparent White Paste
Ratio of use glue/hardener 100+2/3
Gel time (in bulk) at 77° (25°C) in min 4-6 min
Tacky free in thin layer at 77° (25°C) in min 18-20 min
Working time suggested at 25°C in min 20-25 min
Minimum reaction temperature +5°C
Minimum temperature of use after hardening 32° (+5°C)
Maximum temperature of use after hardening 230° (+110°C)
Shelf life at 25°C 10 months
Adhesion force at 25°c marble botticino after 2 hour in Mpa ASTM D 4541 7.5
Adhesion force at 25°c on natural granite after 2 hour in Mpa ASTM D 4541 8.4
Adhesion force at 25°c technical quartz after 2 hour in Mpa ASTM D 4541 9.7