V-MAX adhesives are very light / white (pearlescent) in color making them ideal for invisible joints, especially on light/white colored stones. Perfect for seaming, laminating and chip repair on all types of natural stone, engineered stone, sintered and ultra-compact surfaces.

These adhesives are 100% Vinyl Ester stone adhesives formulated with the most exclusive, premium resin available.  They provide the strongest bonds of all Vinyl Ester adhesives in the stone industry.

V-MAX adhesives are very light in color and the most translucent (nearly transparent) Vinyl Ester adhesive from “CAN-TO-CURE”.  These adhesives are available in 2 viscosities (See Viscosity Chart Above)

–  Natural Stone including granite, marble, slate, quartzite, sandstone, onyx and more!

–  Quartz Surface including Caesarstone®, Silestone®, Cambria® and more!

–  Solid Surface including Corian®, Formica®, Wilsonart® and more!

–  Sintered Stone including Neolith® and other ultra-compact material!

Note : Hardener included with purchase…