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Calibro Square


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The CaliBro Square is the perfect tool to help cut tile trims and jolly’s. It will assist in the cutting of 95% of tile trims. 

Cutting metal Schluter can be aggravating. Many times the blade will launch, as it cannot be held tight enough. The square eliminates this problem – it has the metal snug enabling it to make a perfect 45-degree cut every time. The valley where the pencil trim sits is also very useful to achieve a repetitive perfect cut. 

The square is made from durable ABS plastic, so it will withstand the abuse tools must endure daily on job sites.

Product Features: 

  • slots for holding metal trims like Schluter profiles allowing for straight cuts and perfect 45-degree miter cuts
  • V groove for holding 1/4 rounds allowing for a 45-degree miter while keeping the 1/4 round tilted at a perfect 45-degree angle for inside and outside corners
  • Works with wet saws and chop saws  


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